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PERFIMET, C.A., was founded in 1958 and has been the first factory in Venezuela exclusively dedicated to the production of roll formed sections.

We produce custom roll formed products as well as special shapes instructed by our clients with the purpose of solving specific needs or replacing imported lines.

At the moment we have a complete net of sales and distribution for the whole country that guarantees a quick and efficient attention to our clients.

Materials used in the production of the "PERFIMET" Sections are:
Cold Rolled Steel strips up to 1.9 mm of thick
Hot Rolled Picked and Oiled Steel from 2 mm. up to 4 mm
Hot Rolled Steel. Simple shapes up to 6 mm
Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel

The surface of sections is subjected to the friction of the rollers during the production process; therefore the presence of slight scrapes is normal. When the surface should have special characteristics our Technical Department will be consulted.

Besides sections illustrated in this web site we produce many other ones specially entrusted by our customers for the electric industry, pieces of furniture, prefabricated walls, panelling, etc.

We would be glad to help You solve your steel sections problems.
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